The Complete Crypto-Powered KYC Solution for ICOs

ostKYC is the first plug-and-play KYC/AML management solution for token sales. Process thousands of applicants smoothly and securely. Developed for the Simple Token "OST" ICO. Now available for any company to use.

ost KYC

The New Standard for ICO KYC Compliance

Easily run your ICO with our complete KYC/AML management solution. Ensure a smooth, safe, and secure whitelist experience. Leverage our back-end tools to manage applicants, process change requests, and comply with legal requirements.

Automated KYC/AML APIs

Integrated assessment of anti money laundering, counter terrorism financing, risk assessment, risk scoring and risk rating of customers backed by Cynopsis Artemis.

End-to-End Encryption

All Simple Token APIs, admin panel and database are SSL protected and two-way encrypted. Audited by Cure+53.

Faster Compliance

Process applicants rapidly and securely. Benchmarked at 14,000+ applicants per day. Navigate the complex regulatory requirements for KYC, AML, and CTF.

Whitelisting ETH Addresses

Whitelist the ETH adresses your customers provide during registration and allow them to safely purchase during your ICO.

Fits All Your ICO Process Needs

More Benefits

Review process

Developer Sandbox

200 free sandbox API calls for testing.



256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.

Admin and 2FA

Admin and 2FA

10 admin accounts included with with Two-Factor Authentication.

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

Unlimited email campaigns and transactional emails.

Smart Filters

Smart Filters

Quickly sort by KYC status, risk status and ID status.



All ostKYC accounts come with technical support. Multiple support levels available.

Powered by

Two great ostKYC packages available depending on your needs. Pricing is in $OST based on your volume of API calls. View current $OST Price.

LITE 6OST per API call PLUS 10OST per API call
Staging (KYC + AML/CTF + Eth whitelist)
Easy-KYC Dashboard
AML/CTF record checks
Statutory record retention
ETH Whitelisting
256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
Pepo Campaigns (Email Marketing)
Admin Logins w/ Two-Factor Auth 10 Logins Unlimited Logins
Priority Support Email Support Email & Phone/Skype Support
Automated Face Recognition - Coming Soon
Minimum Purchase 10,000 API Calls 25,000 API Calls
Each Additional API Call 6 OST 10 OST


What sources does ostKYC check?

ostKYC provides a seamless integration with Cynopsis-Artemis API to manage the anti money laundering / counter terrorism financing, risk assessment, risk scoring and risk rating of your customers.

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How does ostKYC protect personal data?

ostKYC APIs and tools are SSL protected and the infrastructure is hosted on AWS VPC (virtual private cloud). Traffic to and from VPC stays within the company's firewall without crossing the Internet.

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